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My Brother is a Monster / My Sister is a Monster by Natalie Reeves Billing illustrated by Lisa Williams #Review

    Welcome to the latest in The Monstrous Me series of children's picture books.   The Monstrous Me Collection is a split perspective book range looking at situations from another point of view to help children develop a sense of balance, roundedness and wellbeing. Readers can turn the story on its head and look at the very same situations from different angles.   In this book, ‘My Brother is a Monster/My Sister is a Monster’ two siblings are convinced the other is a monster. But, are they really? When we look at the story from the other side, we see a very different story.  This is another lovely addition to the Monstrous Me collection. I have read it with a 4 year old and a 7 year old and they were both amused by the humour. As before, there are plenty of opportunities to explore conversations about feelings and seeing things from another's point of view. Lisa Williams has done another beautiful job with the illustrations and the pages are full of colour and bold

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