Journey to the Moon and Other Stories by Ed Goodwin #Review

Journey to the Moon and Other Stories by Ed Goodwin was published by The Conrad Press in May 2021. It will appeal to young readers aged 9-12.

Fantasy, reality and humour are blended in three adventures. Nothing is as it seems as two young girls go to the moon, present a unique style of Punch and Judy and try to look after a unicorn.

In ‘Journey to the Moon’, with the help of a possibly over-optimistic dad and practical mum, two young sisters make their dream visit to the moon and back despite numerous setbacks.

 In ‘Punch and Judy’ the question of what would happen if violence was banned in Punch and Judy shows is explored. 

In the story ‘Unicorn Tale’, looking after a unicorn presents more challenges than expected, especially when it disappears into a dream world.

This will appeal to young readers with its short chapters. The  text is set out in a clear format with plenty of white space so as not to overface them. I loved the humour which is found in the story, especially the reactions of Suzy and Connie's parents. Each of the stories features the two sisters and there is plenty in each story for children to identify with. 

    Magical and fantasy worlds are conjured up in these stories and there is a real emphasis on play and how children can escape into another world. This is reflected on the bright, colourful cover which draws the eye. 

Cat and Mouse say: 5,4,3,2,1.....!


About the Author

Ed Goodwin is a retired IT project manager who lives in Coventry. He is a chess coach working with schoolchildren and adults. He also helps blind and partially sighted people to use computers and in creative writing classes. During the first Covid lockdown his five young grandchildren were his inspiration to start writing and recording children’s stories. Ed is also a keen but slow runner, having completed five half marathons.  

 Book link: Amazon UK

Thanks to Ed Goodwin, The Conrad Press and Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.  

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