Hectors Perfect Cake by Lily Clarke #Review


I am happy to bring you Hector's Perfect Cake by Lily Clarke. It was published on November 12th by Silverwood Books and is an ideal picture book to share with young children aged 3 - 7.  

Hector is baking a cake for his Granny and he's determined that it's going to be perfect.

But when he discovers that the peanut butter jar is empty, Hector decides that he must head out to find some more, or else his perfect cake will be ruined.

As time begins to run out, Hector's luck begins to run out too. He may have to accept that sometimes perfection just isn't possible…

 This is a lovely book to share with young children. I was lucky enough to read it with my grandchild on her 4th birthday and this really emphasised to me how age appropriate it was. There is a lot thar young children will relate to and lots of markers for a birthday - cake, candles, balloons, parties. The pages are beautifully illustrated by Lily Clarke and the bold, clear pictures add to the story. 

    Young readers will be able to have a go at the words and younger ones will enjoy sharing the story. I particularly liked the size of the font and its placing on the pages. There are plenty of marked conversations, with the scope for different voices. Highly recommended.

Cat and Mouse say- mmm- cake! 

About the Author


Lily Clarke is the author and illustrator of Hector's Perfect Cake.

She studied Physics at the University of York and now works as an innovation consultant in Cambridge. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she runs a small business called Lily in Space Designs, where she sells a range of illustrated products inspired by books and nature. Her favourite animals are badgers, birds and bats, (although she also loves animals that don't begin with the letter B!).

Hector's Perfect Cake is Lily's first book, inspired by her own experiences of dealing with perfectionism.

You can follow Lily here: Website  |  Twitter   |  Instagram 

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Book links: hectors-perfect-cake.com   |  Etsy   |  Amazon UK

Thanks to Lily Clarke and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.


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