IGIST by L S Larson (YA Science Fiction Book 1) #Review

 Today's book is described by the publishers as:

An innovative new immersive children’s reading experience – a book and augmented reality app that work together to create an entirely believable and compelling new universe.

Aimed at readers aged 10+ , this YA fiction has a strong central female character in Emi whose interest in Science and Technology will be a great role model for boys and girls.

IGIST follows the challenges and triumphs of Emi, a 14 year-old Earthling girl that dreams of getting into the renowned Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology, or IGIST. The odds are stacked against her however. As humanity has spread across the galaxy they have grown to look down on the Bygones left on the brain-drained backwater of planet Earth and have no interest in stopping the Plague that ravages the people left there.

As Emi strives to become the first Earthling in 20 years to gain admittance to IGIST she meets an incredible cast of out-of-this-world characters: business tycoons from the asteroid belt, yak-men of the Warden Corps, snobby Martians, holographic deep-space Scouts, and of course her droid sidekick Sadee. Immerse yourself in the universe of IGIST, and find out if Emi has what it takes to save her home.

IGIST: New Stars is the first book in the YA Science Fiction series that is growing into an international phenomenon. Beloved by readers and critics alike, this story not only thrills its audience with an incredible adventure, but inspires them to help build the future they want to see.

This book is going to appeal to young readers 10+ as an action packed adventure story with a great science fiction feel. To get the whole experience, you have to use the App which allows you to turn pictures into holograms and apply filters. You can interact with the printed page, as Sputniks and other items bounce out of the story at you. My personal favourite was the rocker launch in Chapter 19!

    The chapters are short and snappy. You can read them off the printed page or on the screen using the App. This will suit different learning styles. The graphics are richly coloured and will fire the imagination. For those who need extra motivation, you earn coins at the end of each chapter through the App which you can exchange in the Emporium. This was my only concern- the early items were free but after that there was a price tag attached. 

Cat and Mouse say: Science is fun!

About the Author

L.S. Larson grew up in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula in the small town of Forks (known for Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series). After becoming a father of three daughters, L.S., having been inspired by the Tom Swift series, set out to write a new sci-fi series that would not only be entertaining and fun but also show his three daughters and hopefully everyone that they can be a great inventor and make a massive impact. The mission of IGIST is to inspire the future.

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